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[IC Information]
Character Name: Mickey Mouse
Series: Kingdom Hearts Infinity
Gender: Male
Age: AGELESS (seriously, he's like 85 in animation years) Uh. How do you age a mouse? Let's go with "young."
Species: Anthropomorphic Mouse

Appearance: Mickey Mouse has a very iconic look to him. The most distinct feature would be the two rounded, flat ears that stand out on top of his head. Following that, the black nose that sits in the middle of his smiling face. And we can't forget the long, thin black tail that sticks out in back. Not everyone gets to see a two-foot tall anthropomorphic mouse every day, but when they do it's either believable isn't.

His usual choice in clothing are a pair of red shorts with two sewn white buttons, darted white gloves, and large yellow shoes; alternatively, he wears a spiffy black tuxedo top while boldly sporting red pants and a yellow bow tie. However, he dresses more practically when he travels outside of his kingdom. (If one can call it "practical," that is.) True to Nomura/Kingdom Hearts fashion, Mickey has all the zippers. This version of his costume is set in shades of monochromatic grayscale. A collared short-sleeved jacket covered in doodads and buckles is worn over a lined shirt, paired with huge shorts covered in more straps and buckles that fall past his knees. Those characteristically large shoes with crisscrossing straps are well-worn, telling of how often he goes off trekking the worlds by himself. And nothing can beat the classiness of the pair of darted white gloves. That's about the only thing that doesn't change on him.

when you hear the chimes sound like this (*~ brrrng ~*), it's time to turn the page. )


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