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[OOC] Revenance Application!

[IC Information]
Character Name: Mickey Mouse
Series: Kingdom Hearts Infinity
Gender: Male
Age: AGELESS (seriously, he's like 85 in animation years) Uh. How do you age a mouse? Let's go with "young."
Species: Anthropomorphic Mouse

Appearance: Mickey Mouse has a very iconic look to him. The most distinct feature would be the two rounded, flat ears that stand out on top of his head. Following that, the black nose that sits in the middle of his smiling face. And we can't forget the long, thin black tail that sticks out in back. Not everyone gets to see a two-foot tall anthropomorphic mouse every day, but when they do it's either believable isn't.

His usual choice in clothing are a pair of red shorts with two sewn white buttons, darted white gloves, and large yellow shoes; alternatively, he wears a spiffy black tuxedo top while boldly sporting red pants and a yellow bow tie. However, he dresses more practically when he travels outside of his kingdom. (If one can call it "practical," that is.) True to Nomura/Kingdom Hearts fashion, Mickey has all the zippers. This version of his costume is set in shades of monochromatic grayscale. A collared short-sleeved jacket covered in doodads and buckles is worn over a lined shirt, paired with huge shorts covered in more straps and buckles that fall past his knees. Those characteristically large shoes with crisscrossing straps are well-worn, telling of how often he goes off trekking the worlds by himself. And nothing can beat the classiness of the pair of darted white gloves. That's about the only thing that doesn't change on him.

Personality: It may be safer to leave out an argument against the interpretation of Mickey’s so-called “vanilla”-ness. Years of Disney canon has much to do with the radical changes in his personality and there is no need to go into every single decade to explain why some of these changes clash with each other. However, the changes can be seen as different facets of his personality; the demonstration of each facet depends on the situation. He can feel different emotions. He can be happy, sad, worried, mad, scared, or surprised. He may be a mouse, but this is what makes him human. Believable.

Mickey Mouse is a happy soul. He radiates sunshine. His cheerfulness is infectious, and it strengthens the very concept of a youthfully idealistic King of his realm. Despite being royalty, Mickey has a very simple personality, one that doesn't appear complex and difficult to understand. It’s this very demeanor that makes it hard to believe he’s a king. His goodness and his humble, down-to-earth nature is what draws people to him; he doesn’t think very highly of himself, but he doesn’t put himself down. He knows he’s not the best at everything...and that’s fine with him. A big heart in a little body makes him very open and comfortable with himself, showing people exactly who he is and how he acts. In turn, they will see that he is a happy fellow who is willing to lend an ear and a helping hand whenever the need arises.

Sometimes he's a little too enthusiastic. The peak of maturity has not dawned upon the mouse just yet. While learned and wise for his young age, Mickey still jumps at the chance to help and fix what needs to be done. His brand of impulsiveness means well, but it would help if he takes things a little slower. (No doubt Yensid can regale many stories about his apprentice.) It will be years before he gets it, unfortunately, but the time spent learning from his mistakes will be put to good use.

Maybe "wisdom" is too nice a word to use for him. While he's smart, he can be very naive when it comes to meeting new people. Although he's been training under Master Yensid, the perspective he still holds is pretty black and white. If someone looks and acts good, they're generally good in his point of view, and vice-versa for those who appear or act dark and suspicious. He may be able to discern between the two, but he eventually gets a better sense of things when the gray areas become more frequent. Aside from the people Mickey crosses paths with, he is taking the course on light and darkness themes and why they are important to the universe. (That takes another game or three to get the point across.)

To reiterate, the young king is a good king. He may not be perfect, but he is kindhearted and true. He cares. He uses his peppiness to uplift others. It's who he is. His upbringing shows how inclusive he is, never putting anyone down or treating them any more different than he treats others unless there is a good reason for doing so. (Especially if it goes into matters of light and darkness and the disruption of the balance in the force the universe.) He appreciates the simple things in life, and he's thankful to have whatever he receives unexpectedly. His training shows he's not a useless royal. Due to his helpful nature, he does everything in his power to act against any trouble, wrongdoings, or injustices. He will stand with his friends and loyal companions in the best and the worst of times, willing to lend a helping hand or an ear for their problems. He makes sure they are kept safe at all costs. He will never leave anyone alone (whether or not that is a good or bad thing; if they need to be left alone, he will understand. Everyone needs a little alone time).

It is very rare for Mickey to be frustrated or angry. He has enough patience to deal with certain issues that come up. Sometimes he will deal with people who have said issues. There will be times when he lets things get to him, which creates that point of no return once his initial impulsiveness is thrown into the mix, but all of that can easily be smoothed over with discussion. He does have the ability to get angry at those who attack and hurt his friends, and by no means is he a complete pushover. A tip: don’t make him angry. Or he will chop your little butt up to pieces.

In short, Mickey is pretty awesome and his characterization has come a looong way.

Abilities: KEYBLADE - In the game series, he's one of the listed canon keyblade wielders. His very first keyblade is the Star Seeker, which was most likely given to him from his master, the great sorcerer Yensid. Having Star Seeker on-hand tells of his apprenticeship and the many duties that come with bearing the weapon. Although he is suppose to be one of the better fighters, his training could use some work at this point in time. Still, he's pretty darn good. His fighting style is made up of acrobatic twists, flips, and quick attacks, so it's not surprising to see him fly through the air during a battle. (Think Master Yoda's fighting style, but not quite to par. He's getting there.)

MAGIC - He also appears to use magic. Aside from the use of Cure, he's able to use the basic spells like fire, blizzard, and aero. Maybe it’s already into the second stages by now. He may even know every spell available; when one is a student of Master Yensid, it is only obvious that magic and keyblading comes as a package deal. There's no shortcuts.

IMAGINATION - HIS IMAGINATION IS AWESOME and he has a lot of that. When you have a mind like his, it's not very hard to get carried away. Look at Fantasmic!, how can he not be in control of his mind's workings? Well...just...ignore the part where the villains get their hands on his dreams. Seriously, though, how many other people can defeat them all with the power of their mind? (I'm being silly, this probably won't get any play. OR WILL IT)

Items: That crazy star doo-jiggy STAR SHARD - A tricky object Mickey stowed into his inventory, the Star Shard has the ability to quickly transport its user(s) to other worlds. However, if one does not know how to use it properly, traveling can result in very erratic patterns.

History: A long time ago, back when life was simple, Mickey Mouse lived in a monochromatic realm aptly named the Timeless River. Here, Disney Castle was in the process of being built, and during all of that Mickey was getting into all kinds of trouble. When he wasn't "assisting" Peg Leg Pete on his steamboat, he was wandering all willy-nilly. Due to some strange time-shift continuum, shadowy black creatures (called Heartless) of different shapes and sizes started to take over the land. They were nothing he had ever dealt with before, and they were much to strong for a little mouse such as himself. But then this strange, spike-haired kid with a keyblade and two of his friends came crashing into several predicaments he wound up in, saving him each time. They had their own mission: to stop a Pete from their timeline from stealing the Cornerstone of Light -- the foundation of a castle that had yet to be built. After some mishaps, the kid and his crew were successful in driving out the Heartless and the future Pete. The Cornerstone of Light was returned to its rightful spot in the field, the monochromatic past being left alone once more to work its way into becoming a brilliant world of color. In time, Mickey gave up his aimless meandering to rule as the rightful king over his loyal subjects alongside his Queen, leading everyone into great prosperity.

Meeting that strange keyblade wielder did leave a lasting impression on Mickey. Being a king, he wanted to make sure he could protect everyone in his realm. To do that, he sought out help outside of his little world, becoming an apprentice under the tutalage of the mysterious Master Yensid. He would later meet and befriend Ansem the Wise, the ruler of Radiant Garden. From the former, he learned what he can for the protection of himself, his people, and any others he'd come across in different world settings; from the latter, he would learn about the numerous studies of the heart and its properties. The combination proved to be useful, encouraging the acquirement of knowledge in Mickey's own ventures. Mickey also had a strong heart full of light, making him a perfect candidate in becoming a keyblade master. Going back to his training with Master Yensid, Mickey put each lesson (mistakes included) into practice. Everything was going relatively well.

At least, that was what he thought.

In the middle of taking his Mark of Mastery exam, Master Yensid told Mickey that he felt something terrible was about to take place. Nothing else about the trouble aforementioned came up until the next day. Mickey's round discs for ears picked up on a conversation Master Yensid had with Master Eraqus, another wise keyblade master from the Land of Departure who had three students of his own, the both of them discussing how darkness was a major factor to be concerned about of late. A new threat called the Unversed were not to be taken lightly. Being a good apprentice, Mickey should have stayed where he was; unfortunately, he was young, restless, and a bit too enthusiastic, jumping at the chance to see everything for himself. Without his master's permission, he left the Mysterious Tower with Yensid's Star Shard in tow. (Two crimes in a matter of minutes -- what a king.) It was here he briefly saw Terra, one of Eraqus' students, running past him as he went to begin his journey.

There was a minor setback with the Star Shard: lacking the proper instructions, the mouse shot off like a rocket into space, haphazardly zigzagging between worlds. His first (and very random) destination brought him to a desolate world of rock and dust. Since it was The Badlands, anything living couldn't possibly thrive there. There was an exception, however, when he heard two teenagers duking it out with keyblades. Ventus, the youngest of Eraqus' students, and Vanitas, the apprentice of Master Xehanort, were busy inbetween cutscenes, the latter having the upperhand in combat. Mickey knew Ventus was toast if he didn't help him, so he jumped (again) in before Vanitas had a chance to finish him off. Two against one wasn't fair, but there were no rules in this fight club. Once Vanitas was beaten (with the threat made to meet again before vanishing into a dark corridor), Mickey and Ventus became fast friends. They took a short break to chat after the fight; he just made a mistake of talking about the Star Shard.

So Mickey went blasting off again. This time, he ended up in Radiant Garden. While he lost track of Ventus, he soon found himself busy tracking sightings of Unversed. One of these sightings fell upon a little girl named Kairi; she was in danger, and luckily for her, someone was already there to come to her rescue. That someone was Aqua, the last of Eraqus' students and a newly-minted Keyblade Master. She held her own, but Unversed didn't fight fairly. When they came in droves, Mickey hopped in to assist. Shortly after the battle, the Star Shard acted up for a third time, shooting him off into the sky. He barely got a sentence in before disappearing out of sight, assuring both Aqua and Kairi that he would be just fine.

Mickey ended up far from the gardens, landing somewhere in the wilds of Neverland. He spent a good amount of time exploring the island, finally wandering into the Indian Camp. Despite finding it was way too deserted for his liking, the mouse failed to notice a surprise attack from Vanitas. As he was knocked unconscious, he was transported back to The Badlands. Or, more appropriately, to the Keyblade Graveyard -- the hallowed ground of the Legendary Keyblade War.

In a way, Mickey became bait. As it turned out, Ventus was given the Star Shard Mickey dropped back at the campsite. It immediately sent the poor boy back to Master Yensid's tower without warning. Once Yensid was able to locate Mickey, Ventus went to go rescue him. That plan was sidetracked; while still out like a light, Mickey and Ventus were sucked up into a vortex of darkness thanks to Master Xehanort and his grand spoiler reveal. The two were once again separated from each other, Ventus being sent back to the Land of Departure while Mickey was left to drift in the Lanes Inbetween. Luckily for him, his light was strong enough to create a protective barrier around his unconscious body. He was then found by Aqua and taken back to Master Yensid's tower to recover. By the time he came to, Aqua was long gone. Solemn as he ever was, Master Yensid told Mickey things that he didn't expect to hear of his friends and their now-departed master. With great determination, he was set on helping them out one more time, heading back to the Keyblade Graveyard on his own.

Upon his arrival in the Keyblade Graveyard, he saw the sky open up. Kingdom Hearts had been summoned. He was already too late to save two of the three young heroes involved in the mess. Master Xehanort had made Terra his new vessel. Ventus -- the boy he once called 'friend' -- was not himself. Aqua was the only one left, knocked out just as he was only moments earlier. He checked on her to make sure she was all right, blocking an attack from a possessed Ventus. He then either watched the fight between her and her former friend something

Mickey did realize that being involved in all of this would cost him his Mark of Mastery exam and his apprenticeship in general. He strayed from what he was suppose to be doing, and he was certain Mastery Yensid was disappointed with him. He was prepared to turn in both the keyblade and the Star Shard when Master Yensid revealed that he was indeed worthy of being a keyblade master, lifting his spirits back into happy Mickey mode upon acceptance.

Things had settled for a time, letting the king return to his world in peace...and that peace was not meant to last for long.

The darkness soon became a threat on its own. Without the keyblade wielders to protect all of the available corners of the universe, Mickey was worried about the safety of each world. He journeyed back to Radiant Garden to meet with Ansem the Wise, telling him about his concerns and learning whatever he could in an attempt to lessen the threat.

It was here he also met Ansem's new apprentice. His name was Xehanort.

One would think Mickey would have remembered the name, but apparently his memory lapsed within those years. Maybe there was more than one person with that name. Who knows? Obscure names could be in fashion.

It wasn't anything to mull over...until a whole ten years passed.

Some worlds were beginning to disappear. That was something Mickey noticed. New creatures called the Heartless (the very same creatures that invaded a long time ago) were slowly eating away at the different worlds left defenseless and Mickey was worried they would vanish completely if nothing was done to stop them. He made his decision to take up the keyblade once more, setting out of his world unnoticed to figure out what the heck was going on. He did leave a helpful note behind for his Court Magician and Captain of the Guard to read. They were lacking in keyblade wielders and he needed them to find one.